PMD: Journey Into the Storm

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September 18th, 2019, 7:04 pm
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From the Author
Lady Lu-san September 18th, 2019, 7:04 pm
I picked a bunch of my favorites to answer! The easiest to doodle, anyways <3

Sorry these came out so late! School hit harder than expected, lol, but we should be back on track for chapter two!

I was thinking of making an Instagram for the comic? I doodle a lot that I don't post here. What do you guys think? Would you be interested in seeing that?
Advertisement October 21st, 2019, 8:42 pm
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DarkFireEevee September 18th, 2019, 7:37 pm
Ark Bluegate September 19th, 2019, 3:08 am
Damm, thought I was gonna see a yveltal.. Plus it would look cool in da drawing
Lady Lu-san September 19th, 2019, 11:56 am
@Ark Bluegate: lol, sorry! since it's a q&a I tend to only draw the characters asked
SentryBeat September 19th, 2019, 2:52 pm
ah yes silver soul my first pokemon game
Julian or Yoshidakid September 20th, 2019, 12:52 am